sta. ble - [stey-buh'l]
adjective, -bler, 'blest.
> the strength to stand or endure, being steady in purpose

con. ver. gence - [kuhn-vur-juhns]
> the merging of distinct technologies into a unified whole
You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.
- Henry Ford

Stableconvergence is a total solution for your IT and network management needs. 24/7, 365, as involved as you want or need us to be... we are here for you. With over 61 years of combined experience, Sc has the expertise and necessary skills to solve any problem. Networks are set up so that we can come in remotely and look into and often repair issues. This minimizes downtime and increases your productivity.

We are geeks who strive to make ourselves invisible so that you can do your job for your company. Our business model sets us apart from all other I.T. companies in our area. While others are selling time and contracts, we believe that service should speak for itself. Our mission is one of simplicity: to build a strong IT platform within your business, providing a stable and secure network for your staff to work upon and thrive.

Our company creed is "Actions speak louder than words". . . try us on that.

StableConvergence provides excellent service with a personal touch. Always professional and quick to respond.
Wanda of Dr. Enuf
info@stableconvergence.com | 116 W. Main Street | Johnson City, 37601
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